Diversity Health & Fitness Fair

This year SOICS offered UBCO nursing students the opportunity to volunteer with us for 42 hours of their community practicum. We all wanted the students’ time to be used in a way that would help them gain skills and promote SOICS.

Angie Eneas, our Community Connections and Volunteer Coordinator, suggested they host our 2nd Diversity Health and Fitness Fair. SOICS had organized its 1st Diversity Health and Fitness Fair in 2013 at the Seniors’ Drop-in Centre. This year we partnered with the Penticton Museum’s Brown Bag Lectures who also donated the space to hold the event.

On Tuesday, March 31st the UBCO nursing students gave a presentation called “Health & Happiness” from 12 to 12:50 as part of the Brown Bag Lecture. The presentation focused on immigrants and how they could eat healthily, exercise and maintain their physical and mental health too. As people arrived they were invited to write something that made them happy and attach it to a board. This was a nice way for them to begin their afternoon.

The day continued with a Zumba® presentation put on by Sunrise Pharmacy and guests were invited to join in. The following local service providers displayed information at the fair:
• Bereavement Resource Centre
• Canadian Blood Services
• Senior’s Wellness Society
• Canadian Diabetes Association
• MS Society
• Alzheimer’s Society
• Meals on Wheels
• Sunrise Pharmacy
• Crazi Springz
• Penticton Seniors Drop-in Centre
• Community Response Network (CRN)

Attendees were also encouraged to put their name in a box for the chance to win a door prize. Natures Fare and Whole Foods Market donated gift baskets filled with healthy snacks for the door prizes.