Business Networking Evening

SOICS held its 1st Business Networking Event in Oliver for the South Okanagan Chamber of Commerce on Wednesday, March 18th. Over 50 people attended, enjoyed a range of ethnic cuisines prepared locally. Attendees also learned more about the services SOICS provides. It was a surprise to many that approximately half the people in the room were immigrants or children of immigrants.

South Okanagan Similkameen Volunteer Centre was on hand to provide information on volunteer opportunities. SOICS invited them to cohost the event because their mission of building a vibrant community by connecting people through meaningful involvement coincides with SOICS’ mission to build an inclusive community based on the mutual respect and full participation of people from all backgrounds.

Since people in this area are not as familiar with the SOS LIP committee compared to Pentictonites, at the event we requested guests to give us words that would answer either or both questions: What can immigrants contribute to the South Okanagan and what can this area contribute to immigrants? The words, and in some instances, the phrases were clipped onto a ‘word line’ and will remain up in our emerging art gallery.

[hr]All of SOICS’ services are free for eligible immigrants. For more information on becoming a SOICS client, please visit Getting Started at SOICS. To make an appointment, please call or visit one of our offices.