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Please Note: Annual membership fee is $15 (tax deductible receipts are available). Members are approved by the Board of Directors and are invited to participate as a voting member at the AGM. They also qualify to run for an elected seat on the Board of Directors.

The objectives of our society are:

  • To offer programs and services that represent the diversity of our society and which are open to people regardless of their nationality, ethnicity, religion, language or abilities;
  • To promote racial harmony and respect for human rights, dignity, and equality by developing and presenting anti-racism programs and workshops for youth and adults through schools and organizations in the community;
  • To enable immigrants and naturalized Canadian citizens to participate more fully in Canadian society by offering English as a Second Language classes;
  • To facilitate immigrants’ and naturalized Canadian citizens’ adaptation and integration into Canadian society by offering mediation and settlement services;
  • To educate immigrants and naturalized Canadian citizens about Canadian laws, customs, and community resources by offering workshops and other educational opportunities;
  • To build a better community by providing opportunities for people of all backgrounds to meet and learn about each other’s’ cultures and to have a better understanding of diversity issues;
  • To develop programs with community partners and in consultation with target client groups to meet their needs for counseling and training;
  • To work with other organizations to develop a public education strategy to inform and sensitize the community on anti-racism, immigrant settlement and integration issues;
  • To take an active role in the prevention of racism in our community;
  • To recruit community participation, including leaders and members of target client groups as volunteers for Board and staff positions;
  • To develop and implement strategies for financial sustainability.
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