Respect Network


Respect goes beyond mere tolerance.  It requires that we not only recognize our differences, but we also allow them, and understand them.  Respect elevates us from merely co-existing to living harmoniously.

SOICS is one of the founding four organisations that came together to represent the North, Central, South Okanagan, and the Thompson region.  Together the group signed a Memorandum of Understanding indicating our commitment to share resources, and generate more awareness on this subject matter.

Since its creation, Respect Network SOICS has participated in:

  1. Taking the Respect Network Challenge:
  2. Developing protocols based on the Critical Incident Response Model:
  3. Hosting annual events through the “Respect Lives Here” series

These free events are designed to engage community partner organisations and diverse cultures in the design, planning and implementation. Although the target audience for each year is different, these annual events also engage the wider community to celebrate diversity, honour multiculturalism and/or better understand and address racism/discrimination. In previous years, events have been delivered in the form of workshops, consultations, art projects and drama presentations.

To learn more about Respect Network visits,

Teresa Downs on Anti-Racism Campaign
On May 27th, 2021 the South Okanagan-Similkameen Anti-Racism Respect Network hosted a presentation by Teresa Downs on the Anti-Racism Campaign of the School District 74.

Teresa is the Superintendent with the School District 074 (Gold Trail) and has been actively engaged in the Anti-Racism campaign within her School District and community. This campaign was launched as part of the district’s conversations about colonization, racism and prejudice.

Here is the link to the recording of the presentation:

Thank you, Teresa, for your inspirational presentation and a great conversation that followed!