Safe Harbor


Provide Safe Harbour for Diversity in Your Community


The Safe Harbour: Respect for All program continues its delivery of diversity and inclusion training and anti-discrimination response in our communities.  AMSSA has been supporting its members to build inclusive communities with 17 organizers in small and urban communities across B.C., funded through Embrace BC.


SOICS is one of the participating organisations, in the smaller communities, who were funded by Welcome BC to organize Safe Harbour training to the South Okanagan during 2008 to 2009.


SOICS recruited local non-profit organizations to become part of the network that commits to

  • Equitable treatment in the workplace
  • Provide a “safe harbour” for victims of discrimination
  • Employees take the 2 hour training session


The goals of the training was to help agencies, businesses and institutions better serve and provide Safe Harbour for their clients, customers, students and employees of diverse backgrounds.


After the training was completed, the participating agency or business received the Safe Habour designation and a Safe Habour window decal to display as a visible marker of its commitment to help build respect and inclusiveness for all into their communities and businesses.


Local Safe Harbor Members
RDOS (Regional District)
Ooknakane Friendship Centre
PACE (Penticton & Area Cooperative Enterprises)


Safe Harbour continues to grow with over 1000 certified locations.  Learn more about the Safe Harbour: Respect for All program at


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508 Main Street
Penticton, British Columbia
(250) 492-6299


6239 Main Street
Oliver, British Columbia
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